The motto of TENMAYA SHIGYOU Customer Service is "We pursue qualities to the furthest end to please our customers." With usability and workability we are on the first wave of product development.
We strive every day to stay true to this motto and never accept our limitations. Doing the best we can to serve, we bring you satisfaction to your expectations.

■Salls Division
●Paper (Printing Paper, Hardboard, Japanese Paper) ●Chemical Products,Synthetic Resin
Kraft Paper,Printing Paper,Form Paper,Wrapping Paper,Industrial Packing Paper,Industrial Paper Bag,Antirust Paper,Waterproof Paper,Protective paper,Cardboard Box,Paper Tube,Masking Paper,Absorbent Paper,Copy Paper,Kraft Cloth
Protective Polyethylene Sheet,Painting MK Sheet,SUBERAN Sheet(nonskid sheet)®,TONTON Sheet®,Polyvinyl Chloride Sheet,Vinylon,Flecon Bag,Blue Sheet Roll,Roll,Heat Resisting Sheet,Mesh Sheet,Soil Bag,Auto Cover®,Polyvinyl Chloride Partition Curtain,Coolite Absorbing Material,Polyethylene Glove,Container,Pallet(reclaimed Material, imports),Flecon,Drum Cap
●Adhesive Tape ●Non-woven Materials
NITTO DENKO,SEKISUI, SLIONTEC, NICHIBAN, Masking Tape, Cloth Tape TYVEK, air conditioning filter, TOYOBO, KURARAY, UNITIKA, Vilene (and various manufacturers)
●Resin,Solvent Medium
Polyethylene,Chlorinated Polyethylene,Ink Solvent,Flame Resisting Material

■Processing Division
Wind Roll Processing,Flat Cut Processing,Adhesive Sheet Cutting(Masky No.1 series),Polyethylene Processing(Square Cover)
■Imports and Exports Division
Imports and Exports,Blue Sheet,Mesh Sheet
■Operating Division
Catalogue, Brochure, Design, Sales Promotion